USB cable
Made for no loss and distortion. Made for sounds clearer.

The most reason for audiophile reject using the computer as source because it might have ripple, noise, high frequency radiation, jitter and unstable power voltage output.

All these problem will cause music with noise and unclear background, and none of these could be endured. As the USB DAC is external device, it will decrease the affection from the PC substantially.
No loss or distortion is the most important thing while signal transition.

For approaching this goal, The USB cable will play very important role when signal transmission.

With KingRex special design:

Flat design: Signal and power are parallel instead of binding together to reduce the distortion.
Cryo-treatment: Cryogenic treatment in -196 centigrade, make the element firmer, steadier to improve the signal transmission.
Y Shape: Y type has two A plugs and one B plug, one A is for PC signal, the other one is for external 5V power supply.
Cut off the distortion thoroughly.