Headphone AMP
You invest in the best headphone your heart desires and your budget allows. You need to maximize the return. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your headphone. Welcome to the Headquarters: the KingRex HQ-01, our inaugural headphone amp will help you realize your ambition in many ways.
HQ-1 is in Class A MOSFET design is general-purpose desktop headphone amplifier. Featuring a 2-box design, one is housing the power supply and the other enclosing the amplification circuitry.
The output circuits are Toshiba A970/C2240 for first stage amplification and output stage by Hitachi MOSFET 2SK214.Power supply is a linear regulated type which has a total of 25,100uF of filtering capacitors. This ensures smooth DC power as well as clean source for the sensitive amplification circuits.
What are the results from famous components and working so hard in tuning?
You could enjoy transparency, spontaneity, palpability, delicacy and full frequency which HQ-1 brings.